As one of the most time-tested platforms for podcasters, the all-new Simplecast raises the bar even further. Learn more about the road ahead from our founder below.

Hello Podcasters

My team and I have spent the better part of the last year dreaming, planning, and building an all-new Simplecast. It's not just a fresh design or a few new analytics reports, it's an entirely new platform. What initially began as a simple plan to renew became much bigger, broader, and bolder. We have a lofty vision to assist and enable audio creators the world over — including how we can help you grow your show and understand your audience, and help you generate revenue without feeling gross about it. These problems are all rampant in our industry, and we plan to solve them head on.

Simplecast exists to help make podcasters successful; this has been my mantra since I took the wheel in 2016. For us to achieve our goals, it quickly became apparent that we had to create a new foundation — a codebase and an infrastructure innovative and flexible enough to carry this platform (and our customers) into the future of podcasting.

Over the past year, Simplecast has grown from a team of 4 to a small army of 15, with no slowing in sight. This team is comprised of the smartest humans I've ever had the opportunity to work with. From engineering to design and customer support, this new team — at its core — has a passion for the podcaster. So on the eve of this new beginning, we're sharing with you the first few glimpses of the all-new Simplecast. It's podcast hosting, distribution, and analytics unlike anything you've used before. This new version lays the foundation necessary to carry our big vision forward.

A Codebase Based in Audio

At the core of the new Simplecast is one of the industry's most innovative, scalable, self-healing podcast delivery infrastructures. As you grow, we grow. We'll have you covered from your first play to your first billion. Hiccup-free.

See How They Listen

Over a year of research and development has inspired a podcast analytics tool unlike any other. We've built enterprise-level analytics for everyone to help you better understand your listeners, where they are, and how they listen, with granularity down to the hour or minute. It's IAB 2.0 compliant, gathers data on which parts of your episodes get shared with Recast®, user's listening speeds, and a whole lot more. Your new analytics will also make it easy to filter custom reports to compare episodes and even measure against industry benchmarks.

Easier Publishing to More Places

Producing a podcast is hard work, so publishing it should be easy. We've created new workflows and episode templates that take your episodes from post-production to published in much less time. Plus, new one-click publishing puts your hard work in more places, like Alexa and YouTube.

Team Management Made Simple

Simplecast makes collaboration easy. One account can already manage dozens of shows, and now one account can have multiple managers for unlimited shows. Permissions settings help producers, editors, and showrunners do their best work.

Improved, Simpler Site Builder

Every Simplecast show comes with its own website, and we've made it easier to customize the site to your needs. We've also added beautiful new themes, and we now support multiple pages for all the other information you want to put in front of your audience.

Refreshed Embeddable Player

Our web embed players are better than ever (now with color customization), and soon, a playlist mode. Our customers have been asking, and we're excited to deliver.

Imaginative Sharing Tools

We're creating new ways for listeners to interact with their favorite creators. First up: Recast®, the industry's first listener-powered audiogram tool makes it easy for your listeners to share the snippets of the episodes they love, anywhere.

Now Simple For Developers, Too

We've created Simplecast for podcasters, but we've also spent a lot of time making it easy for developers too. The all-new Simplecast API is the most advanced audio publishing and distribution API available anywhere, bar none. You can use it to build your own website, create a GarageBand upload tool, create your own listening app, and much more.

Your Revenue, Your Way

Your work matters, and we believe there are better ways to create revenue from your show than generic dynamic ad injection networks. You need to make money, but you also need to sleep at night. We're cooking up something new, and we can't wait to show it to you later this year.


Stories have the power to connect people and change lives, and we believe that creating better tools for storytellers leads to a richer world. Simplecast exists for you, the creator, and we're proud that our love for podcasting shines through in everything we do. We've been supporting podcasters around the world for over six years now, yet in many ways we're only just getting started.

I can't wait to show you more in the next few weeks, and soon, hand you the keys. My team and I are here for anything you need. Start a conversation with us at or follow us on Twitter @Simplecast.

Brad | @brad
Founder & CEO